Thursday, January 27, 2011

Beginning of Reckless Abandon

I'm sure all cooking blogs start this way...I love cooking, it's my passion, I want to document all of it, etc. I feel the exact same way so I guess I'm not much different. It started with me taking lots of pictures and e-mailing and texting them to family and friends. Most of them go to my long-distance boyfriend, Blake, to make him jealous of what he's missing each night.. :)

The one way I guess I may be different is the way I approach cooking: with reckless abandon. I can't remember the last time I followed a recipe from start to finish, my measuring cups are used as dog food scooper, and a clove of garlic means a bulb to me. Anything goes and if I screw it up, oh well...I'll remember it next time (and I will).

Since I don't use measuring cups don't expect a single baking recipe. I just can't do it! Most recipes will be easy, fun and something you can do at home. Make each recipe your own with what's in your fridge. This is what is in mine.....

Definition of Reckless Abandon: To do or say something without regards for the consequences. Freedom of constraint. Without inhibitions. Bull in a china shop.


  1. I just LOVE this, Rachel!! Love your title..your graphics... your quote is awesome!! Love your writing style. Love your approach to cooking! (oh...& love you, too!) The pizza looks scrumptious! I'll SO enjoy following your cooking blog!

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Mary! Stay tuned, hopefully they'll be more stuff you love!

  3. Rach! I miss your cooking soooo much. The blog is looking fab. Big hugs! Anna xo


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