Meet Rachel

Welcome to Reckless Abandon.  I'm Rachel, founder, author, photographer, and food stylist.  I've had multiple passions in my life —many that come and go — but cooking stuck.  Luckily, I've lived in a number of large cities where I learned local cuisines from fish in Washington, DC to good ole' southern food in Dallas, TX.  My home is now Denver, CO which has forced me to pay more attention to the ingredients I use since everyone is so darn healthy here!  On my blog you will find a range of recipes from comfort (little too much butter) to healthy and fresh meals.  To find a recipe that fits your style click on one of the many "categories" on the right hand side. 

A little more background...I grew up in Kansas City but now call Denver my home with my Miniature English Bulldog, Lola and amazing fiance, Blake.

My recipe and cooking blog has morphed into a full career in the food industry.  I currently work for Seattle Fish Co in Denver, CO as their "Online Fishmonger", which basically means I run their e-commerce, Chef's Fresh Fish.  Looking for some fresh seafood? Send me an email or head over to the online market.

I somehow fit it into my week to photograph for 5280's food blog, Table Talk written by the talented and award-winning, Food Editor, Amanda Faison.  As time permits, I am also a freelance photographer in the Denver and Boulder area focusing on food, restaurant interiors, prep-work, atmosphere, and chef head shots. Feel free to reach out to me to learn more about my pricing and availability or head over to my portfolio to see more.

Follow along and hopefully you will find a little love and comfort in my Reckless Abandon for cooking.

Hello from Lola Grace.


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