Friday, January 28, 2011

Pantry Quesadilla's

My cure for a quick yummy lunch is usually quesadillas. Why? Because I ALWAYS have sprinkle cheese and tortillas in my fridge (I don't know why anyone wouldn't!?). And like the pizza recipe in my previous post, it basically works with whatever you have in the fridge or pantry....this is what I had in mine...

1. First, slice any leftover meet from last night's dinner. I had leftover chicken, but sausage or steak would work too.

2. Heat you grill pan on Med-Hi heat on the stove while throwing your quesadilla together. Top a tortilla with sprinkle cheese (any shredded cheese you have) and chicken.

3. My favorite pantry staples for quesadillas are canned black beans and corn. Drain both cans and rinse the black beans. Sprinkle on top.

4. Chopped garlic (goes with everything, right?)

5. Your favorite salsa. Mine is STILL "On the Border"...I love the sweetness. Next, you know that "Mexican Seasoning" or "Southwest Spice Blend" you have in the pantry and never know what to use it on? This is a great home for it! Sprinkle it on. Lastly, add a little more cheese so both sides of the quesadilla stick. Plop on the second tortilla.

6. Spray the grill pan with PAM. I like how PAM crisps up the tortillas without leaving them dripping in oil..although if you want to use butter I won't tell.

6. Brown one side of the tortilla pressing it down with a spatula to help the cheese melt. Spray the tortilla on the top before flipping.

7. Press the quesadilla a little more while the cheese melts. Make sure to be careful not to burn the second side as the pan will now be a little hotter and won't take as long to crisp up.

8. Use a pizza cutter or sharp Chef's knife to cut the quesadilla in to quarters. Want to make it look even more delectable? Top with a dollop of sour cream, sprig of cilantro and one last sprinkle of that mystery Mexican Seasoning that may be 6 years old (time to buy new spices).

What would I have done differently? I only had white kernel corn in my pantry. I probably would have preferred sweet yellow corn or even creamed corn (yes, I've used it in quesadillas and it's fabulous especially with spicy sausage as your meat). Second, it could have used a little more heat. Chopped green chilies from the can or jalapeƱos would have done the trick.

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  1. Love the idea of using creamed corn...gotta try it! Never would have thought of it!


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