Monday, September 19, 2011

Broiled Skirt Steak with Horseradish Dipping Sauce

I'm definitely not a grill-master so this is my favorite way to make steak in the house: broiling it!  Skirt steak is a nice lean cut of meat and is great served as a main dish or in tacos.  I've been on a horseradish kick recently so I made up this cool dipping sauce to compliment the meat. The marinade is basically things I had in the pantry and fridge.  I think you could get creative with your marinade (extra red wine from last night?) and it would still turn out wonderfully!


-1 piece (package) skirt steak
-1/2 cup soy sauce
-2 Tbsp brown sugar
-juice of 1 lemon
-2 Tbsp olive oil
-3 cloves minced garlic (you can cheat and use jarred garlic)
-1 Tbsp ground ginger
-2 Tbsp Hoison sauce
-4 green onions, chopped
-3 Tbsp red wine vinegar
-3 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce
-1/2 bunch cilantro, roughly chopped

Horseradish Dipping Sauce Ingredients:

-1/2 cup light sour cream
-zest and juice from 1 lemon
-4 Tbsp fresh chives, snipped
-2-3 Tbsp horseradish (depending on how hot you like it)

Throw all of the marinade ingredients and flank steak in a large plastic baggy.  If you don't have one of the ingredients, no worries.  It will still turn out.

Pop in the fridge and marinade 30 mins - 2 hours.  Meanwhile make the horseradish sauce and pop in the fridge as well.  Chop (or snip) the fresh chives and add to the rest of the dipping sauce ingredients.  Cover and chill to let the flavors meld.

Preheat the oven to broil and spray a broiler pan with cooking spray.

Place the meat on the pan and score every inch or so with a knife (don't cut all the way through the meat, just slit a bit).  Pour a few tablespoons of extra marinade on the steak.

Broil for about 4-5 minutes per side, flip the steak and broil another 4-5 minutes.  If you have a meat thermometer check the temperature.  130-140 is medium rare (the best way to have flank steak) and 140-150 for medium.  Again, remember this meat is fairly lean and a thin cut so it can EASILY be overcooked.  If that happens it becomes tough. Best at that point to throw them in a taco!  While the meat is cooking, you can boil the remaining marinade to use as a sauce at the end.  If you want to thicken the sauce whisk in about 1-2 Tbsp cornstarch.

Once the meat is done, pull it out of the oven and let it rest on a cutting board for about 10 minutes.  This will let the juices soak into the meat. If you cut into the meat too early it will just all leak out.

Thinly slice the flank steak against the grain.  The steak looks pretty pink in my picture, but that was the middle.  My mom and I ate the more medium-rare pieces on the end and saved the middle as leftovers. This means when it was reheated in the microwave it was perfect!!

Serve slices with chilled horseradish dipping sauce or remaining marinade.  I'm a "sauce person" so I used both!


  1. this looks yummy! i am going to try it this weekend. thanks for the good pix

  2. I was wondering if a skirt steak and a flank steak are the same? Anyone help?

    1. Pat, I've used both skirt and flank steak in this recipe. They are not the same, but similar enough to be cooked with the same techniques. Skirt steak is a fattier, meatier tasting piece of steak. Flank steak is also "meaty" tasting but leaner. Both of them only need a few minutes to cook and are served best rare to medium-rare as any more would leave you with a tough, chewy piece of meat. Hope this helps! I say feel free to use either cut and let us know how you like the recipe!

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