Friday, November 11, 2011

The Joan Rivers Project - A Blog Face-lift

As many of you know, my career is in medical software.  Our UI (user interface) team often calls a major product redesign "The Joan Rivers Project".  Well, the time has come and Reckless Abandon has received that so-called digital face-lift.  I couldn't be happier with the final product and hope you enjoy it as well!  Here are 4 easy tips to find recipes on the site:

  • Recipes by Search (to the right) - know a recipe you want to pull up again or looking to use a specific ingredient? Search the blog
  • Browse Recipes (at the top) - know the name of a recipe and want to scroll alphabetically or just want to wander around? - Browse the recipes
  • Labels (bottom right) - need a quick dinner or need a vegetable recipe for your dinner party on Friday night? Click on the corresponding labels
  • Blog Archives (bottom right) - remember a recipe you wanted to try that was posted back in August? Go to the archives
I'd love to hear your feedback so please leave comment! If you're asking me, I think Joan would be proud! But then again, I'm somewhat biased.


  1. woah, so crazy, i just added a recipe index to my blog as well. Yours looks great, easy to use.

  2. gah! Love this! Seriously, I was just on here the other day trying to find you cheese dip. so happy to see that search bar

  3. Gwen and Hannah, thanks for the feedback. Hannah, let me know how the dip turns out :)

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