Monday, May 7, 2012

Reckless Abandon Photo Shoot

Two of my great friends, food photographer Laurie Smith and food stylist Erica McNeish joined me last week for a fun evening of appetizers, wine and photos. Laurie was gracious enough to snap some pictures of me cooking and Lola trying to steal food in the process.  If you're local to Denver make sure to check out Laurie and Erica's newest website that launched last week.  It's called The Urban Almanac and is a seasonal online guide to Colorado featuring the bounty of food, drink and artisanal products. 


The afternoon started at 2pm poaching little pink shrimp for an appetizer. 

Erica taught me about "driveway gardening" so we went to the side of the house and picked some fresh dill in the potted kitchen garden. 

The second appetizer was smoky deviled eggs with a healthy glass of chardonnay.  

Laurie made sure to snap a few shots of my retro kitchen featuring a circa 1930's gas stove and oven.  Yes, that means a match is needed to light each burner and oven for every use. 

The poached shrimp came together on puff pasty squares with whole-grain mustard butter and a sprig of dill.

I photographed the appetizers as Lola sneaked behind me to try to grab some crumbs. 

The dinner started with a roasted chicken over a bed of onions making golden caramelized onions in chicken drippings. I make this recipe at least once a week.  

Handmade pasta is one of my favorite meals and the time is worth the results. We made egg noodle fettuccine. 

The chicken came out of the oven and I made a pan sauce with white wine and starchy water from boiling the pasta.  

Yes, you caught me...wardrobe change.

As the pasta dried a bit, I sauteed shiitake mushrooms and spring peas in coconut oil.

Took a deep breath and finished my glass of wine before dinner was served! 

I threw the chicken, pasta, peas and mushrooms together for a filling meal with fabulous friends! I wish I could do this every day with these girls.


  1. How fun! You look adorable, your house looks charming, and the food looks delicious. Really happy for you, friend. I wish I could do this with you!

  2. These are great photos Rachel!! I can't believe you cook with that oven every day! That's very impressive:)

  3. You look so darling in these pics. Fun!

  4. Amazing! I love this post. Everything looks delicious! Send leftovers to Texas!

  5. CUUUUTE! Your sue chef has a serious underbite...

  6. Very impressive! You are moving up fast.

  7. how cute do you look cooking? i love it! looked like a lot of fun and the meal looked delicious.

  8. Love the photos!!! I feel honored to know one of Denver's fastest up and coming food stylists...Can't wait to see where your photos show up next :)

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