Sunday, December 15, 2013

2013 Holiday Foodie Gift Guide

Whether you have a friend who is a foodie, beer drinker, or wine sipper, one of these gift will be perfect for the one who has everything. Have a friend or family member that keeps asking you for ideas to get you? I bet you could have fun with one of these things, so pass it along! I've tried about 90% of these and the other few I'm dying to try.

1. DRAM Cocktail Bitters - Shae Whitney is an herbal alchemist who makes these cocktail bitters in her mountain town of Silverplume, Colorado. They're a perfect way to bring a whole new level to your drinks. Two of my favorite are the honey chamomile and wild mountain sage.

2. Ribbon Vegetable Peeler - You know those long ribbons of vegetables people use as a healthy alternative to pasta? How do they do that!?! With this little guy.

3. Badger Mountain Pure Red Organic Boxed Wine - I will drive out of my way for this wine...and yes, I know it is boxed.  A sommelier (master-o-wine) once told this was his favorited boxed wine and I agree.  Organic = no added sulfites = much less of a hangover (at least for me)

4. The Victorinox 8-inch Chef's Knife - I use this every day. Multiple times a day.  This is the most reasonably priced knife for how amazing it is. It's even been rated a top pick by Cook's Illustrated multiple times.

5. Fiesta Juan's Spinach Artichoke Dip Mix - I grew up eating this stuff and still serve on a regular basis.  I'm a KC girl so I have a special place in my heart for this KC-based dip and sauce company. Mix 1/4 jar with a block of cream's spicy and amazing!!

6. Oyster Gift of The Month Club - Oyster Lover? Shipped to your home once a month with 4 dozen oysters, 2 east coast and 2 west coast varieties.  The first shipment even comes with an oyster shucking glove and knife. They also have a ton of other fresh seafood that would make the perfect gift.

7. Italian Cheese Kit - Make 10 different types of cheese with kit. Just add milk.  I think this would be a great thing to do with a friend before a party. Really impress your guests when you tell them you MADE the cheese platter.

8. Cuppow - The mason jar trend just keeps on growing.  This company makes attachments for your mason jars.  Cups to hold dips or salad dressing, sippy-cup lid, a martini shaker, and a pour-over coffee attachment. Genius.

9. Helliemae's Salted Caramels - Some of the most gourmet caramels I've ever put in my mouth.  Ellen aka Helliemae handcrafts amazing flavors such as chili palmer, candy cane, cardamom, and coffee. Oh, and she's a fellow Denver-gal!

10. Giant Ice Cube Tray - Perfect if you know a "sipper" of whiskey, gin or vodka. This has become one of the most used items in my kitchen.  At first we started with just water, but then got crazy and made apple-juice ice cubes with an orange twist frozen inside.  Imagine a whiskey with that beautiful baby!?

11. Olli Salame - I was at a food show this week and couldn't stop eating every variety Olli had.  They're newest gift packed lets you mix-and-match your favorite salame's.  An easy way to make a custom charcuterie platter.

12. Captain Spongefoot Honey Sriracha Sauce - If you know a sriracha feen, then this is for them.  Sriracha turned a bit more gourmet with a touch of honey.  The same amount of heat hits your tongue at the end but it has a sweeter beginning.  I use this as a fabulous glaze on fish and chicken.

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